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Roosterfish Two-Sided Fish Mount

55" Roosterfish

King Mackeral Available Fish Mount Sizes

Fish mount pricing is $9.00 per inch, crating cost is $1.00 per inch. Fish mounts 40 inches and under are shipped free in the continental United States. For fish mounts 41 inches and over, shipping cost will be quoted before your credit card is processed.

Fishmount Length Fish Mount Price Crating Charge  
Roosterfish 36 inch $324.00 $36.00 ADD to CART
Roosterfish 40 inch $360.00 $40.00 ADD to CART
Roosterfish 42 inch $378.00 $42.00 ADD to CART
Roosterfish 44 inch $396.00 $44.00 ADD to CART
Roosterfish 46 inch $414.00 $46.00 ADD to CART
Roosterfish 48 inch $432.00 $48.00 ADD to CART
Roosterfish 50 inch $450.00 $50.00 ADD to CART
Roosterfish 52 inch $468.00 $52.00 ADD to CART
Roosterfish 54 inch $486.00 $54.00 ADD to CART
Roosterfish 55 inch $495.00 $55.00 ADD to CART
The Roosterfish is a member of the Carangidae or Jack Family, but doesn't resemble other jacks. The Roosterfish is widely dispersed throughout all waters of Mexico and all offshore islands. It is viewed as a prized game fish that can put up quite a fight. The Roosterfish is normally a “catch and release” species, as its food value is poor.

They reach over four feet long and up to 114 pounds, one caught in Mexican waters, and is found along the beach, predominately during warm seasons with water temperatures in excess of 80 degrees, and at depths of up to 100 feet. It feeds on sardines and other small silvery fishes and travels in packs chasing food onto the shore.

Other Sizes for This Species Available - Contact Us with Your Request

55" Roosterfish
Price: $550.00


Roosterfish Full Mount Two-Sided Fish Replica & Reproduction - Roosterfish Taxidermy